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Articles and Books

Bennett-Goleman, T. (2001) Emotional Alchemy: How the Mind Can Heal the Heart. Harmony Books, New York. A well written book attempting to combine Jeff Young's Schema Therapy with mindful meditation.

Chodron, P. (1997) When Things Fell Apart. Shambala Publications, Inc. Boston. Beautifully written. A must read.

Hafiz. (2000). The Subject Tonight is Love. (3rd) ed.) Pumpkin House Press. North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I included this book just because it is so beautiful.

Harris, R. (2000) 20-Minute Retreats. Henry Holt and Co. New York. Excellent ideas for incorporating meditation practice into your daily life.

Kasl, C. (1999). If the Buddha Dated. Compass. New York. One of the most helpful books on relationships.

Kornfield, J. (2001). After the Ecstasy, the Laundry. Bantam Books, New York. Kornfield's latest.

Kornfield, J. (1993) A Path With Heart. Bantam Books. New York. One of the best balanced, most comprehensive books on meditation and mindfulness. Download Excerpt

Perez-De-Albeniz, A. (2000) "Meditation: Concepts, Effects and Uses in Therapy." International Journal of Psychotherapy, 5,1, 49-58.

Perry, B.D. (2002). Memories of Fear: how the brain stores, retrieves physiologic states, feelings, behaviors, and thoughts from traumatic events. Paper presented at the annual conference of the EMDR International Association, San Diego, CA.

Segal, Z.V., Williams J.M.G., and Teasdale, J.D. (2002). Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Depression. Guilford. New York.

Shapiro, F. (2001). Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing: Basic Principles, Protocols and Procedures. 2nd. Ed. Guilford Press, New York. The Foundations of EMDR. Clearly written. A must for the EMDR practitioner.

Snaith, P. (1998) "Meditation and Psychotherapy." Journal of Psychiatry, 173, 193-195.

Teasdale, J.D., Moore, R.G., Hayhurst, H., Pope, M., Williams, W & Segal, Z.V. (2002). Metacognitive awareness and prevention of relapse in depression: Empirical evidence. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 70,(2), 275-287.

Teasdale, J.D., Segal, Z.V., Williams, J.M.G., Ridgeway, V.A., Soulsby, J.M., & Lau, M.A. (2002). Prevention of relapse/recurrence in major depression by mindfulness-based congnitive therapy. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 68,(4), 615-623.

Welwood, J. (2000) "The Psychology of Awakening." Tricycle: The Buddhist Review. Download Excerpt

Zangwill, W.M. and Kosminsky, P. (2002). �The Need to Strengthen the Mindfulness Component of EMDR.� EMDRIA Newsletter, 7, 4, p. 4-5. Download Article

Zangwill, W.M,. Pearson, J. & Kosminsky, P. (2001). "Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)". in Shannon, S. (Ed.) Handbook of Complementary and Alternative Therapies in Mental Health: Innovation and Integration.