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These Workshops are an opportunity to experience EMDR and Meditation - two incredibly powerful tools for transformation. Whether you have never meditated, or have many years of experience, these workshops will provide you with a chance to learn or deepen your meditation practice, enhance your EMDR skills, and experience the expansive shifts in awareness and openness that EMDR can provide.

Mornings will focus on deepening your meditation practice and increasing your understanding of EMDR. From sitting in quiet contemplation, to mindful walks in lovely settings, to guided meditation, this time will provide a variety of rich and enjoyable experiences. In the afternoons, as in the EMDR trainings, there will be small group practica where participants can practice their EMDR skills and work on their issues and whatever arises in meditation. EMDR will be used to clarify and clear blocks to higher level of concentration and consciousness widening the path to inner stillness and peace.

These workshops are primarily designed for the EMDR practioner, but partners are welcome for the meditation portions of the workshop.

This is my favorite workshop! If you live outside the New York area and want to sponor this workshop in your area, please contact me.

Next Workshop Details